Saturday, January 20, 2007

Why Clergy Should Wear Clericals

I particularly liked the bullet points part way down which described the situations in life where clergy are likely *not* wearing clerical garb:

If the minister is a shyster who is fleecing his flock for their money, he is most often wearing a sports coat and tie.

Everybody arrives at their own happy medium. Apart from church services where I wear the appropriate vestments, I tend to wear my black shirt and collar on Sunday morning, School Assemblies, Hospital Visits, visits to people I don't know terribly well and most importantly


When a police car is following me. I can slip my tab collar in in about five seconds flat.

I tend to pronounce the word 'Skwurl' which gets me in trouble around these parts. You gotta give 'em credit for trying - The United Church of Canada has come up with a site called Wonder Cafe. I've been chuckling about this video all week. Check out the poster campaign on the main site as well. Top marks for creativity....anyway.